July 14, 2016

Ban Trucks?hqdefault

Mouse acceleration is so stupid, it makes the mouse feel really not smooth. Skyrim, CS:GO, and other mainstream games come with it on default settings. I know you can just turn it off but i don’t see the point of it. Google search initiating. Well it seems to be used for “multiple sensitivities at once.” Oh well, most of the time you can turn it off. This just suits my playing style.

Thinking Out A Post

If you rely too heavily on something it will crush under your weight. The world seems to do this often, if you are relying on it not raining, guess what? it will. Now lets get deeper. If you rely on a service to keep your information safe, it will most likely betray you. If you rely on your computer to keep your data it will become corrupted. If you take away anything from this, it is do not rely on anything, always have a backup, and like Arthur Weasley said “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps it’s brain.” If anything collapses, say the major food suppliers. You won’t have any food. Always have a backup. oh and if you are going to double encrypt, always quadruple encrypt.

superhydrophobic spray

What does superhydrophobic mean? Well if you aren’t a science nerd like me you probably don’t know. Let’s break it apart. Super – a lot, hydro – water, phobic – scared of. Put it together and you have a substance that is super scared of water. What this means is the substance doesn’t attach to water and actually repels it. They make a spray that you can apply to shoes and clothes that makes them superhydrophobic! There are multiple suppliers such as Rustoleum, and UltraTech. Here are some video links!





Top 5 Fire Based Weapons

[pahy-ruhmey-nee-uh, –meyn-yuh]
1. The compulsion to set things on fire.


5. Burning Tar, pitch, ResinMongols used on occasion, barrels of burning tar (,pitch, or resin) shot through a catapult.

4. Flaming Arrow
Flaming arrows are for bows and arrows, and crossbows. They are made by attaching cloth or something like cloth, to the end of an arrow. Then they soaked it in something flammable (Alcohol, fat, etc.)

3. Fire Ships
Back a long time ago… People used  ships filled with torches in war.

2. Greek Fire
A mean machine in short. It is a machine that shoots liquids that burst into flame. Pretty much an old time flame-thrower. Mythbusters did an episode on it.

1. Molotov Cocktail
Personally my favorite, the Molotov is a bottle filled with a flammable substance (such as napalm) with a wick soaked in alcohol as ignition. It was invented around the Spanish wars. They work by busting the bottle, and when busted the wick ignites the liquid.



Binary is an awesome thing. It is how computers read and is fun to decode. If you don’t know how binary works, you’ve come to the right place. 01000010=65=A.

How binary works

Binary is based off powers of two, you read binary from right to left, and binary is usually only 8 digits long. 1 means on (count that power of two), and 0 means off. this is how it reads:


Once you’ve got the hang of it start doing letters:binary