superhydrophobic spray

What does superhydrophobic mean? Well if you aren’t a science nerd like me you probably don’t know. Let’s break it apart. Super – a lot, hydro – water, phobic – scared of. Put it together and you have a substance that is super scared of water. What this means is the substance doesn’t attach to water and actually repels it. They make a spray that you can apply to shoes and clothes that makes them superhydrophobic! There are multiple suppliers such as Rustoleum, and UltraTech. Here are some video links!







Binary is an awesome thing. It is how computers read and is fun to decode. If you don’t know how binary works, you’ve come to the right place. 01000010=65=A.

How binary works

Binary is based off powers of two, you read binary from right to left, and binary is usually only 8 digits long. 1 means on (count that power of two), and 0 means off. this is how it reads:


Once you’ve got the hang of it start doing letters:binary