Top 5 Fire Based Weapons

[pahy-ruhmey-nee-uh, –meyn-yuh]
1. The compulsion to set things on fire.


5. Burning Tar, pitch, ResinMongols used on occasion, barrels of burning tar (,pitch, or resin) shot through a catapult.

4. Flaming Arrow
Flaming arrows are for bows and arrows, and crossbows. They are made by attaching cloth or something like cloth, to the end of an arrow. Then they soaked it in something flammable (Alcohol, fat, etc.)

3. Fire Ships
Back a long time ago… People used  ships filled with torches in war.

2. Greek Fire
A mean machine in short. It is a machine that shoots liquids that burst into flame. Pretty much an old time flame-thrower. Mythbusters did an episode on it.

1. Molotov Cocktail
Personally my favorite, the Molotov is a bottle filled with a flammable substance (such as napalm) with a wick soaked in alcohol as ignition. It was invented around the Spanish wars. They work by busting the bottle, and when busted the wick ignites the liquid.

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